Web 2.0 uses Ajax and other techniques to provide an interactive, user-friendly experience.

Whether it's as simple as a section of the page that changes when a link is clicked or something more elaborate, Web 2.0 technologies can make your site shine.

Site enhancements $100 and up

Javascript is an important Web 2.0 component. If you need a script installed or want an existing script altered, or are thinking of tapping into the rich features available in the jQuery library, Zola Consulting can help you enhance your site.

Script and software installation $50 and up

E-commerce is an important part of modern business. With so many shopping cart packages available, it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you.

Zola Consulting is familiar with many different shopping cart applications, from osCommerce to Magento, and is expert with Zen Cart. Zen Cart with a basic template can be installed for as little as $150, with add-ons or more elaborate templates at an additional charge.

Site design includes fully compliant CSS and HTML. If you need hosting Zola Consulting can help you find a reliable provider

Zola Consulting can redesign an existing site to make it cross-browser compliant, and maintain your site so you don't have to worry about it.

Simple sites start at $250. Maintenance can be as low as $25 a month

My site has a virus! You may have gotten a mail from a user that they got a virus warning, or worse, you find your site listed in Google with the warning "This site may harm your computer".

Zola Consulting can help you get it cleaned up, repair your Google listing and give you tips to prevent it from happening again.

Virus removal begins at $50. Immediate, night and weekend services available at an extra charge.

My site isn't working right! Perhaps you recently made some changes or upgrades to your site. A few weeks or months later, you discover a problem, and the original programmer is unavailable.

Bug repair prices vary depending on severity and difficulty of the repair. Immediate, night and weekend services available at an extra charge.

Expand the scope of your services without the expense of hiring a full-time programmer. Web 2.0, RIA, AJAX, CSS/HTML compliance, custom scripts and installations will enhance your ability to attact new customers.

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